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I have been purchasing from WarezStore for at least five years and have spent hundreds of dollars on software that literally would have cost me thousands of dollars. The prices are great, but what is even better is their support. Support is quick, efficient, and right on target. If it were not for WarezStore, I could not have afforded all the programs I purchased and done some of the jobs I was contracted to do. I tell all of my friends to purchase from them because of their reliability. Thanks for everything!
A.J. D'Agostino, USA | 15 Mar 2011

i purchased several packages here already. everything is smooth and perfect. even if there is a problem it is always solved in the favor of the customer. thanks to you all and keep rolling.
Marcus, Germany | 3 Feb 2011

Thanks for your excellent customer service. It is prompt and efficient. I really appreciate you working through my error and expediting the download. You can be assured that I will be a repeat customer.
Jerome, CA, USA | 5 Jan 2011

Your site: Is laid out very professionally. is easy to use. payments are secure. your downloads are immediate. your downloads are direct (not Torrent or similar). your downloads are fast (I'm getting 600 KB/sec). your prices are about half of what I have been paying on the other site that resembles yours. I have spent over $500 over the last three months on the other site. I wish I had discovered you sooner. you provide a timetable for Chat. Very professional. Saves a lot of "hunting" for Chat support. It was a pleasure to use your Web Site. I plan to be back often now
Pete, WA, USA | 25 Dec 2010

10years and brilliant!! I cannot fault Warezstore, the support is fast and brilliant. Love them!!
Jacqui, UK | 26 Nov 2010

Esta es una excelente pagina; yo he comprado en , desde hace mas de cinco anos, sin ningun problema.Seria muy recomendable que tuviesen mas programas en espanol; somos mas de 3oo millones de personas que hablamos espanol.
Antonio, Madrid, Spain | 22 Nov 2010

Hello everyone! I have been using this since early 2005 Almost 6 years now, and I have really enjoyed the many many choices over the years that I have had. The support is top notch in the tech world. I wish more companies out there would be more like this one. I also will say that back in 2005 when purchasing on the internet was not new but not old hand either, I had no worries about purchasing from here. Again Thank you VERY MUCH for a wonderful expirence, and top notch service. Oh and of course The best selection on the Net.
James, OR, USA | 16 Oct 2010

Thank you! I love this website and the software it offers! Saved me a bundle for school! Everything works perfectly!
Rrandi, NM, USA | 16 Sep 2010

This is real support!!! I solution got the solution in a few hours, the solution worked perfect. Thanks a lot.
Nico, Israel | 19 Aug 2010

well im not much for praising others but i gotta admit that wz services are top notch. i had trouble installing some software and one of the techs not only helped me but truly went above and beyond to get my program up and running asap. it took him aproximmately 2 hours but he finished my installation and for that im grateful. from now on im comming herre first for all my software needs. thanks WZ
Manuel, CA, USA | 7 Aug 2010

No matter what your problem or question is, WS works extremely hard to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.
Barry, AL, USA | 29 Jun 2010

very satisfied. if you have trouble installing. they are prompt and fast in assisting you. theri prices are very reasonable
Jean, NY, USA | 14 May 2010

I have been using this site for about 4 years I guess, and the response time is great, customer service is wonderful answer all question completely, the software works great and even if you may have a problem with install they do send descriptive info to walk you through via email. Thank you very much. now we too can experience the good things in life on a recession proof budge
Yesmine, CA, USA | 19 Apr 2010

Congratulations! You\'ve just taken the first step toward turning your web site into a dream site. I will get back to you very shortly.
James, MA, USA | 29 Jan 2010

I have purchased many products from I only purchase products that I feel I will not necessarily be using on an ongoing basis for my business being that I do not feel it is correct to be competing with others in my industry who have paid full-price for the actual software from the developers. This is a terrific way to \"try-out\" the software before putting down hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars for a software package they may not meet my needs or even be compatible. Though I have had difficulty getting some of the software I have purchased, this was usually due to my own ignorance or the incompatibility of the software itself. However, if I ever had difficulties or question, I would contact and my questions were answered or customer service was addressed to solve the problem immediately. There may be other companies offering this type of software on the Internet, but I will ONLY purchase from These guys are knowledgeable about most all the software they sell and are ALWAYS polite and easy to work with when it comes to customer service. I have been working with these guys since their inception many years ago and seen them grow from a fledgling company to a full-service software company. They are professional and offer incredibly low prices. Thank you!
Thomas, CO, USA | 14 Jan 2010

I have used your services at least 5 times. All have gone smoothly and there is no question about the value. There are many programs I just would never be able to buy any other way. I also want people to know that the site is safe. I\'ve never had any problems with identity theft or virus\'. So, a person can feel a ease when purchasing here. Thanks for the service.
Mike, CA, USA | 10 Jan 2010

Thanx a million - you people are brilliant people!
David, Watford, UK | 30 Dec 2009

Hello To the people in Warezstore. Thank you for the help in the pass weeks,prices on are right,And your service are excellent,When ever i needed help the people from warezstore were there for help.In other Words thank you for all your service and keep up the good works.
Charles, PA, USA | 10 Dec 2009

Your team has allowed for many people to experience the joys of software that they may not have had if not for you. You are nothing but the highest professionals and provide the best customer service anywhere. I ONLY use your company for ANY of my warez needs.
Larry, PA, USA | 30 Oct 2009

You guys rock!!! Easy, fast and private transactions! Keep up the good work!
Marvin, NY, USA | 18 Oct 2009

I highly recommend this site to anyone that needs quality software at an affordable price. The customer service is top notch, and everything I have purchased here runs flawlessly.
Reid, FL, USA | 1 Oct 2009

Awesome! I\'m new lifetime customer.
Jonathan, IL, USA | 23 Sep 2009

I purchased for many years all kind of software for windows and Mac and I had never problem and a very good technical support. I love this site
Pietro, Italy | 17 Sep 2009

Just purchased my first program and without a doubt encountered a flawless experience. Thanks a bunch!
Steve, Oakhurst, CA, USA | 15 Sep 2009

I have been buying software here for years. The service and selection just keep getting better! The live support onlline is superb. Five stars.
Steve, NM, USA | 5 Sep 2009

I am very happy with my experience with Warez. I had a problem, I came online, and a great customer representative member by the name of Victor J. helped me out step-by-step. Great experience! I will be back.
Karen, CA, USA | 31 Aug 2009

This is the best site. It is always a pleasure to deal with a company that is so committed to providing a 5***** service. Thank you
Melvyn, London, United Kingdom | 6 Aug 2009

Very Nice Service, Wide variety of Software, Convenient price.
Ralph, CT, USA | 24 Jul 2009

Excellent support via \"live support online\" and e-mail. There were some glitches initially with the serial keys but the team resolved it very effeciently. The other commendable thing is that the team never lost their patience. Very satisfied with the support and the dedication to customer service. Thanks you guys!.
Satish, TX, USA | 24 Jul 2009

I am 110% satisfied with your products and support. Highly recommended.
Mauro, USA | 20 Jul 2009

I can\'t believe the trouble these guys go through to make sure everything works. They are phenomenal! The software works perfectly, the installation is straightforward, and the online support is better than any I have ever used. I highly recommend these guys. Buy with confidence!
Tim, Telford, UK | 12 Jul 2009

Happy to see you back. Good softwares, perfect prices, excellent help. Many thanks
Andre, Courbevoie, France | 10 Jul 2009

Johnny, TN, USA | 26 Jun 2009

I just wanted to add my testimonial to the list. I have now taken care of 3 products purchased from WS. I was worried at first about how complex it would be to take care of a downloaded program from WS, but the installation instructions were brilliantly simple and straightforward. I have had zero complaints with them, and their Live Support is phenomenal. This is an outstanding company, and I have 100% confidence in them. Do not waste your time with other online software companies. This one has every software that you will ever need. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!
John, USA | 16 Jun 2009

I have refered close to 100 people in my company to WS. and I myself have bought over 40 pieces of software from them. they have alwys done their best to help me if I had a problem. and remedy every issue I have had. I am currently going through a problem with my software and I am sure they will fuction as they always have and make sure everyhting is as right as the rain. Keep up the good work fella\'s and I will spend another 10 grand with ya!!
Toni, CA, USA | 15 Jun 2009

I have brought a number of times and also receive a discount for purchasing over 3 times. I will buy again, delivery was also fast, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexander, TX, USA | 4 Jun 2009

I have been a Warezstore customer for about five years now, purchasing over 50 items in that time, and I have been extremely satisfied with the products, price, and support. Yes, I have purchased a couple of \"lemons\" over the years, but the folks at Warezstore were kind enough to let me choose another product as compensation. It is uncanny how they manage to anticipate my product needs. The user interface is simple and straight forward, the purchasing process is safe and accurate, and delivery is a \"no-brainer\". Thank you Warezstore, keep up the great service.
Bill, Brazil | 26 May 2009

I have used this site for years now and have nothing but great things to say about them. Their work is flawless and they are always ready to help with a problem. Live long and prosper!
Ingrid, NM, USA | 8 May 2009

You are the greatest. I have purchased from you for years now and have been so completely satisfied it's almost unbelievable!!! Although I have only had a few problems in all the time I've been ordering, you've always been there with the best support team anywhere! I want to thank you for what you do! I'd be so far behind the curve with upgrading software without your services, I'd never be able to keep up otherwise. It's nice to know when I need a special plug-in for xxxx you are always willing to make it available if possible. Again, Thanks! Keep up the great work!
Davis, NC USA | 7 may 2009

Again I would like to thank the support people at Warez for getting me past a problem and last week I recommended them to a friend of mine who downloaded xxxx. When she couldn't install it I told her to contact the support chat line. She was amazed at the support she got and very happy to get her program up and running. These guys provide the best support in the business.
Peter, Mexico | 3 may 2009

Upgraded my Mac computer and needed new software for my photography - ordered 5 items that were awesome and experienced great support when needed - better than Adobe support for sure! Everything is working fine and I appreciate the quick response to questions I had. Thank You!
Pam, CA USA | 1 may 2009

Once again you guys have come up trumps with a fantastic 'aftersales service'. I was having a few problems with a piece of software and messed up big time. Even though it was all my own faulty you guys just helped me out with replacement files and a shed load of help. Well done and sincere thanks.
Mel, UK | 20 april 2009

I have been using Warezstore for at least 5 years or so and the service has been great. I did try others due to specialty programing but they were confusing to follow and the download speeds were extreemly slow. With regards to any installation errors(mainly due to my own cause) they handled my problems generally with just one email. I hope you guys are around for a long time!!!
Robert, MB Canada | 4 march 2009

I have been using Warezstore for a number of years now and find the service to be better than any other seller of software I have ever found. They support their products above and beyond what you could possibly expect. Oliver is particularly great and I have appreciated his help on numerous occasions. No problem seems to get the best of him and he solves them in a patient and pleasant manner.
Peter, Mexico | 27 february 2009

This is my first time using this company and I have to admit I was sceptical at first. Not any more however. Everything went like clockwork. Absolutely no glitches, and everything necessary to intall my software was included. Worked like a charm.
Steve, ON Canada | 24 february 2009

Over the years I've ordered about six different software. I had an issue with one and online costomer service corrected it immediately. I have use them to try software out before I spend hundreds of dollars on something I may not like or use. I will continue to use their services and highly recommend them!
Robert, TX USA | 20 february 2009

i just bought the whole *** and havnt had any problems i had a problem figuring out how to intall becouse ive never done this before but then i got really great help and if you really cant figure it out they can actually take over your computer (with your allowence of course) and do it for you! this saved me thousands of dollars and im looking forward to my next purchase
Johannes, FL USA | 18 february 2009

this guys are really good,customer service and all, don't be afraid of what they said just give them a try... NEVER HAD PROBLEM W/ ANY SOFTWARE...
Alex, FL USA | 8 february 2009

This is my fourth purchase from warezstore and I have nothing but good things to say about these guys. Whenever I need any new software, I always come here 1st. is IMHO the best place on the internet to purchase all of your computer software needs. App products work as advertised and the online chat tech. support is excellent if you encounter a problem during installation. You guys rock...5 stars from me.
Desi, GA USA | 6 february 2009

I brought with your company a few years ago, thats why i didn't hesitate buying now. I've been involved with transferring data between Hard drives and setting two platforms, Mac and PC, on one box. In the process i've had some problems (of my own making) so i've had to reformat and reinstall software for both platforms. I'm not quit finished with the job, but over the last few weeks the helpfulness, patience, and overall cross-platform knowledge of your staff has been phenomenal. Oliver and Ralf are a few of the names that come to mind, but others have helped as well. Very pleased with the product and service! many thanks.
Michael, TX USA | 19 january 2009

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