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You guys are better than any software support I have ever encountered with any software ever.
Scott, OR USA | 13 january 2009

I've been using ws for about 2 years now, at fist i was terrified thinking that this could be another scam, but there not! they are truly FANTASTIC! for all those people who are considering using WS go for it! there safe! I have recommended WS to A LOT of people and they now are regulars to!!! WS is a place i trust and know, i don't bother with anyone else!! why stuff around with maybe's when you have a place that delivers!! Thanks you WS, you lot keep up the awesome job!
Danielle, NSW Australia | 12 january 2009

I cant say enough about how helpful these guys are. I read in some of the other testimonials about how fast they are to answer questions and help... they really are amazing! I don't think these guys sleep or take weekends off. They have been very patient with my questions and have always come through with the answers. No worries about this software or the support.
Scott, OR USA | 7 january 2009

These guys are amazing. I've used them about 3 or 4 times, and the service every time has been excellent. You get an emailed response, so fast its unbelievable. They are also SUPER honest. I was billed twice for an item, and was promptly offered either a refund or a credits for something else. Customer service doesn't get better than this.
Jaffrey, UK | 5 january 2009

I just wanted to Thank You for your 'work'. There is no way we could afford the products you folks supply and we only use it for personal use and evaluation we do not use it otherwise. Thanks again and all the best to you and yours!!!
Donald, NH USA | 4 january 2009

I have been purchasing software for over 5 years from you guys. I must say this is the best find I ever found. I have saved so much money and the software is always top notch. Keep up the good work.....
Chris B., NJ USA | 28 december 2008

I had a major computer crash and experts from helped me to save the day and reinstall remotely QuickBooks Ent. the data and restore my system. The guys from Warezstore were very knowledgeable, patient, understanding and effective and all was done remotely. I have experience with a few other online tech services, and none of them provide the level of professionalism I had with Warezstore! Thank you one more time to your tech name: Ralfb I will refer your company to our other clients.
Alex, USA | 26 december 2008

Dean, NY USA | 20 december 2008

Un samedi alors que mon installation ne marche pas , il m'a suffi de d.poser un tichket pour etre servi par la hotline en moins de 30 min. et avec une solution qui a parfaitement march.. Bravo
Pascal, Switzerland | 14 december 2008

ragazzi fidatevi alla grande di questo sito, f. ci. che dice. Scaricherete solo programmi altamente funzionali e professionali e non avrete mai scherzi sulle carte di credito,sono persone ad alta affidabilit., in questo senso molto pi. delle case madri che non rispondono neanche alle richieste di assistenza. Ringrazio i ragazzi di warezstore per la seriet. che dimostrano con un OK++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ siete i migliori.
Massimiliano, Italy | 6 december 2008

At first, I was second guessing this service. I even thought the testimonials were all fakes. It just seem too good to be true. But what the heck I took a chance and I AM PLEASED 100%. THANKS TO THE WarezStore my company is now up and running. I am really sick and tired of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for updating my company softwares each year. THANK YOU WAREZSTORE - YOU ARE THE BEST
Rosetta, VI, USA | 27 november 2008

I have used Waezstore for a couple of years now and even today I'm still buying stuff. I've had a couple of issues and pleased to say they were resolved within 24 hours and on one occasion I got a refund, no messing. Fantastic service, fantastic prices. Don,t know how they do it, but they do it for me
Derek, UK | 26 october 2008

I was sceptical at first about the prices and process for payment, but everything was smooth.They answered my questions promptly and I am extremly happy they saved me all that money(and I did not even have to switch my car insurance to Geiko). U have a loyal customer here.
Alexander, MO, USA | 25 october 2008

Damn you guys rock! I understand all the stuff that goes on in the background here and I'm amazed that things are still up and running but as long as ws is online I'd rather use you guys instead of bartering because you never know what your going to get. Rock on!
Joey, USA | 20 october 2008

If you considering purchasing software from this company...just do it, you won't be let down! Well I have to say that it is extremely difficult to get mac software on the cheap! I purchase dreamweaver 8 and flash 8 for mac and it works perfectly! So easy to do the online payment and so easy to download the software. Took me about 3 minutes from start to finnish. Excellent work guys...keep it up and...more mac software please!! Have a nice one!
Antony, Berkshire, UK | 2 october 2008

I just wanted to say thanks for a great product. This is the second time that I have written a testimonial for this company, you can believe it wont be the last. The suppport is the best around. Keep up the good work. You have a customer for life in me.
Calvin, IL, USA | 27 september 2008

I have used this site for more than five years and never had a problem that wasn't resolved properly. You can feel confident that they will deliver what you order and assist you in getting it downloaded, installed, and unlocked if necessary. There has never been an issue with an incorrect or unauthorized charge nor with any requests for support--I have made a few--to which they have responded promptly. They realize that their business success depends not on one or two transactions, but on long-term relationships with their customers, and they deliver what they advertise.
Ted, NJ, USA | 22 september 2008

Thank you! You have just acquired a loyal new customer. No trouble at all with the payment process, install, instructions, program... an easy, simple transaction. :) How excellent! I am already starting my list of things I need to come back for. Thanks again for being exactly what you claim to be.
Melissa, VA, USA | 18 september 2008

One of the best site i used a great team of guys will always help you out with a problem thanks for the great software and keep up the good work
Steve, West Sussex, UK | 13 september 2008

I have been a downloader since 2003 and have never had any issues with my friends at the All of my software has been from them and works awesome till now and to include they are of trust and have never had an identity theft issue from them. Any issues with downloads they will help if not refund every penny. If it wasn't for them how could us students survive the high priced softwares. Adobe and Apple think about all the good that is doing for the people who can't afford the high prices. Thanks
Fernando, USA | 8 september 2008

I have ordered many of times over the last 8 years and always been happy with them. Not a worry one with giving credit card info. Also received quik support. Thanks
LARRY, IL USA | 2 september 2008

I have brought disk and downloaded different programs and you helped to get me up and running with no problems and i will buy again and thank you for helping, and keep up the good work!
Alexander, TX USA | 20 august 2008

you guys rock! you've been very prompt to respond to your clients i was unsuccessful and i made sveral attempts to download,but once i contacted you ,you guided me through and finally i got what i want and now i've started doing my graphics
Magdalena, Alberata Canada | 11 july 2008

I have been shopping for almost three months for all of my graphic work needs. The customer support service that I have experienced has been outstanding, and the product excellent. has rapidly become my number one software provider.
Bob, FL USA | 11 july 2008

I have purchased several graphic design programs from these guys to enhance my self learning and small time projects. From purchase to installation, these guys are top notch and the best in an online customer support service. I recommend them to anyone.
Bob, ND USA | 6 july 2008

I saved thousands of dollars getting my web design programs from warezstore. Great site I would recommend it to anyone.
Wayne, MD USA | 2 july 2008

Probably since 2005 I download programs on the Site Warezstore and I do not count of it any more the number. On the whole, perhaps 2 incidents quickly solved. I do not count to the incidents due to the too fast reading of the notes of installation. It is necessary to read carefully before starting. By download one is quickly accustomed to believe to know any good and by heart! I remember an installation made by the warezstore team by Remote connection: a good work, remarkable. Congratulations with all the Warezstore team.
LR, France | 29 june 2008

i have purchased 4 software titles from warezstore and have had NO problems. you guys are great, and thanks for providing this service! keep up the good work!
David, MS USA | 21 may 2008

you guys rule! this is an awesome place for me to get all the software i need at DIRT CHEAP prices! Once again thanks!
Kyle, MO USA | 19 april 2008

I just wanted to say THANKS to the staff for your help, I really do appreciate your service because you truly go above and beyond to help your customers and I will always continue to purchase my software from this company. Again Thank You
Robert, GA USA | 18 march 2008

Wow! I knew of this site for months now but have been very skeptical and cautious of purchasing a download. After my first purchase was installed correctly I was so pleased to find a high quality download that works correctly! Keeping up to date on technology and current software is a huge financial burden that I just don't have the resources to deal with, finding a service like this is fantastic and I will deffinetly be using it again. Cheers.
Jody, BC Canada | 17 march 2008

I have purchased 2 titles from and as I.m new to the instillation processes. I never had as much help in installing and having someone walking me through my issues with software in my life. I am absolutely satisfied with my titles, my on line support, and now. all of my PROJECTS that I can do. LOL. Thanx, for being patient and I look forward in purchasing more titles. YOU GUYS ROCK!! I.m, telling all my friends.with discretion of course -)
Charles, PA USA | 4 march 2008

aside from the astoundingly accessible prices the prompt, flexible and helpful customer service is almost too good to believe- i am so grateful and thrilled to have found an internet company that is reliable AND personable- consider me a customer for life- thanks!
Lauren, PA USA | 3 march 2008

I was a little bit skeptical to begin with! but both downloaded version and posted dvd's arrived quickly and worked with no problems..thanks loads
Phil, UK | 28 february 2008

I have purchased 3 titles from and have been completely satisfied with each purchase. Thank you so much for making the unaffordable software affordable to the average person.
Charles, VA USA | 18 february 2008

They are excellent. They reply quickly and efficiently if you need any help at all and the software is A++++ and so affordable! Thanks
S, CA USA | 17 february 2008

You guys are the best. When I've had a problem, you pulled through with the best service.
Clark, ON Canada | 15 february 2008

Wow Wow Wow! Totally COOL. You are the best! You guys stuck it out with me to the end! I DO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP. TOTALLY pro....
Kent, NV USA | 15 february 2008

This is by far the best way to get new software. You guys Rock!! Thank you!
Robin, Ireland | 5 february 2008

Tonn, Luxembourg | 5 february 2008

ALAn, CA, USA | 22 january 2008

I purchased software and was having trouble downloading it because something was missing. Everyone on the help desk was involved in finding the problem and correcting it so now I can learn my stuff. I really appreciate all they did a will definitely be using them again. Not just because of there prices, but they go that extra distance to help you out.
Christopher, FL, USA | 17 january 2008

Thanks for making the unaffordable attainable! You guys question about it. Fast service and quality downloads. Thanks so much! I highly recommend you guys to all my friends.
JB, NJ, USA | 16 january 2008

Hello of Belgium, Very good contact, all useful information. All is perfect. I recommend.
Fredo, Belgium | 8 january 2008

great site, great tech support. i shall return, this is my second time. Thanks much
Donnovan, USA | 8 january 2008

This site is the perfect starting point for my career as a student with low income. Even though I am using this site I will purchase all the necessary software the way its supposed to be. SUPPORT THE WORK OF OTHERS AND THEY WILL SUPPORT YOURS.
Oleg, USA | 6 january 2008

I've never offered any kind of testimonial before, but I felt compelled to write. I've always been very pleased with I also appreciate how they take care of return customers. I never, ever once had any problems at all. Always a smooth transaction, smooth download, and secure payment system. Very trustworthy. This website and store is the best. I've been a customer for years and will continue to be a loyal customer for a long, long time. Thank you for being such a great service.
Jawn, USA | 6 january 2008

Good price, good service, Good product. What more can you ask?
Jeng, USA | 4 january 2008

I have to say, after reading a few testimonials, I was hopeful, but only half believing that customer helpdesk would be helpful with my problem. What a breath of fresh air! Online support immediately responsive and replacing my problematic disk no questions asked! Thank you!!!!
Marguerite, USA | 28 december 2007

I've been using you guys for years, and while we'll all probably burn in hell for buying / selling software for $20 a pop, I love knowing you're out there when I need you. Thanx for the software!
Michael, USA | 16 december 2007

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