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Their aftersales service are GREAT! Sal julle altyd ondersteun. Thanx for all the help and good programs in the past.
Michael, South Africa | 6 apr 2007

Warezstore has a very professional and efficient help center and the site. The site is very clear and always up-to-date with the latest softwares...for MAC users too. Really EXCELLENT!
LUIGI, Italy | 22 mar 2007

Warezstore Very profesional Help verry clear.. Keep up good work! thnx
T, Quebec Canada | 13 mar 2007

Used this site many times.Top software,low prices. Never had to complain.
Tony, UK | 13 mar 2007

Awesome site! excellent service, really trustable got all my backups! 100% recommandable
Pascal, Canada | 10 mar 2007

Speed at which support tickets are resolved are fantastic. I had 2 tickets : 1. As I was a returning customer and the site advertised for 10% off , I raised a ticket. I was suprised the next day when I saw a mail staing that I would have the 10% off. 2. I had exhausted the timelimit of downloading the files . I requested for an additional 2-3 days . Once again in a matter of 6 hours I had a response that the deadline has been extended.
Sreeranga, India | 9 mar 2007

Awesome website - all my backups were downloaded and worked fine.
Chris, OK USA | 9 mar 2007

At first i was very scared about buying this backup! But it turns out that it worked out fine. Download problem but fixed quickly with a link to the file instead of a download server that i could download by myself with my t1 connection. Will do business with again!
Nicholas, PA USA | 6 mar 2007

Was a bit skeptical just like most people...but....their service is great!
David, NY USA | 24 feb 2007

I have been using Warezstore for years and it's been an absolute pleasure!
Kristina, NY USA | 17 feb 2007

These people are the best. Their prices are very affordable, their download pain free, and, on the rare occasion when its needed, their tech support is right there. They offer CDs also. Hey, they gave me a 5 time discount without me even asking for it!
Jay, USA | 16 feb 2007

I have been ordering SW from WS for more than three years and I haven't had any problems and all installations were 100% successful, keep it up...
Gilmar, Miami FL USA | 15 feb 2007

I get emails almost daily from sites wanting to sell me software at discounted prices, but I would never use any of them because I am totally satisfied with warezstore. I have purchased dozens of your titles and have very seldom had a problem and on the rare occasion when I have it has been addressed promptly. I have never had an issue with viruses from your site, and the pricing just cant be beat.
Tom, AK USA | 14 feb 2007

Repeat customer here. Still a little hesitation before ordering my software. I did it and I couldn't be happier and more satisfied. Thanks Warez Store!
John, USA | 13 feb 2007

Thank you for your product and it has been great doing buisiness with you and I will be doing more soon, you help me greatly and my product is working fine. thank you very much.
Ronald, PA USA | 6 feb 2007

Warezstore is awesome. They have save me so much money and time. They are honest and deliver to my goods to me. I have recommended them to so many teachers because we need good quality software. Not having the book does not bother me, there is a help file that does the job as well.
Peggy, GA USA | 24 jan 2007

I will admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but I gave WarezStore a try. All customer services issues were addressed within 24 hours, if not faster! I will definitely be back!
Kenneth, USA | 19 jan 2007

I have been purchasing software from Warezstore forever. I can tell you Warez Store gives better service and Tech Support than any major retail store or Software provider there is. I am so please with their great service as well as EXTREMELY PROMPT attention to any questions I have or helping me when I run into problems. I hope they stay arround as they provide a great service.
Lee, PA USA | 11 jan 2007

Edgar, Orlando, Florida USA | 28 dec 2006

Warez rocks. I have ordered 3 times from warez and have yet once to be dissapointed. Keep up the good work guys. I have told close friends about you and I will continue to buy most of my software from you. Your website is clean and free of any spyware. Your customer support is outstanding. I have nothing but good things to say about you guys.
Anonymous, USA | 25 dec 2006

Absolutely fantastic, excellent customer service with great tech support ! Thank you
James, USA | 20 dec 2006

I have been purchasing software from Warezstore for over 5 years now. Living in Silicon Valley California, the Meca of High Tech for the United States, I can tell you Warez Store gives better service and Tech Support than any major retail store or Software provider there is. I am so please with their great service as well as EXTREMELY PROMPT attention to any questions I have or helping me when I run into problems. I have even forgot to download my software once for a month and upon request they they promptly gave me access again. I hope they stay arround as they provide a great service.
Marcia, Silicon Valley California, USA | 18 dec 2006

This site is great! The programs are in perfect condition. I have bought three already and quickly downloaded them with no trouble at all. I am an extremely satisfied customer. You people need to keep adding programs so I can buy them!
Tony, USA | 7 dec 2006

I have been buying for several years and extremely satisfied. Was a little scary at first, but full confidence has been earned. The few times there was a problem with the install, support was there to correct the problem. Highly recommended.
Bernie, USA | 20 nov 2006

This is the first time i bought software from this site. Like others i looked at my credit card about 5 times before i put the numbers in! I've been ripped off by - as i paid them 50pounds for software which never turned up. This website is a godsend! in $35 i've bought the same software, downloaded it, installed it, and had no problems at all! A++
Jaffrey, UK | 15 nov 2006

Maria, USA | 4 nov 2006

Love the site it would be great to see some sage software in here (timberline)
James, Canada | 23 oct 2006

hello people here is one very happy person for your store,I will be using you guy for the future for now on. thank you for your store.and for everything else. you guy are great,because it help me with my schoolwork and did not have pay alot of money for software and keep up the good job.
CHARLES, USA | 21 oct 2006

Warezstore will live up to all non believers of honest service..will use again and again and again thanks guys for the honest site
Zack, NYC | 17 oct 2006

Warezstore helped me to make the Deans Honors list every quarter in college. I was able to obtain all the software that we were using in school quickly and cheaply. Everytime I had a problem there was an immediate response with the right answer everytime.
Jim, USA | 14 oct 2006

...I badly needed 'some software' for an online class that was coming up next quarter. No way I could afford retail even the student price was beyond my budget. I couldn't find a copy anywhere I even tried the filesharing networks. Finally found a *trial* version in the torrent networks, but all the serialz packages either had trojans or malware. Then I thought...I wonder if the WarezStore has it yet? OH YES!! You guys have saved me again! Now I can attend class! Thanx so much!! :) :) :)
JOHN B, USA | 25 sep 2006

Thanks a million! May you stay in business forever!!! What would I do without you?
Paul, USA | 22 sep 2006

I have now purchased a number of software items from your company, and I must say I am extremely happy with both the product and your prompt and patient technical service. You have saved me many thousands of dollars in my pursuit of learning to use these applications. Thankyou again!
Peter, Australia | 3 sep 2006

I have used these guys for 4 years. They are great, and they answer any queries very fast. best thankyou
Jacqui, USA | 3 sep 2006

I never was disappointed by the softwares bought through this great web site ! And if I had a question to ask ,I always got a reply right away . I recommend this service to my friends and never mention it to my ennemies !!!
Flore , Switzerland | 27 aug 2006

I was very pleased with the quality of support - my original disc was lost in the international mail and they quickly replaced it and allowed a free download due to the delay. You simply cannot get that kind of service elsewhere! Installation problems due to yy lack of bothering to read the instructions and just jumping in were politely and quickly assisted and I was up and running the software in no time. I was so pleased, I bought more software the next day and am now looking for Milestones Professional 2006.
John, AL, USA | 16 aug 2006

What more to say that hasn't been said. I was as reluctant as any of the rest of people who have purchased software here. Skeptical at least, I worried if the copyright police would be at my door within hours. I had a problem (MY problem) finding the code to enter to activate the software, E-Mailed the folks at the help line and within 24 hours or less I had my answer - which actually I figured out because I overlooked it myself. But they were there, ready, on the spot to answer the question and the software is running today. And it's cool. I WILL likely patronize this group again because simply put, they do it right. Something to be said for (as one person put it) the Robin Hoods among the bureaucrats. And these folks are honest, fast and right up front. I hope they continue to do well because this is a service unlike any others I've ever been able to find. And one I'll use again and again I'm sure. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK Warez folks - you are spot on in my book.
Tony, USA | 16 aug 2006

Like everyone else, I looked twice at my credit card before buying. But everything went on a very professional way. Congratulations for your site. Please keep software at fair prices.
FM, Lisbon, Portugal | 15 aug 2006

OK. I've bought a lot of things over the internet before, but never downloadable software. I stared at the credit card confirmation screen for like 10 minutes before actually paying. I downloaded a 700MB file in about 25 minutes (about 525KB/s). I'm truely impressed and will use this website again and again. Thank you so much. :-D avid in Texas
David, USA. | 14 aug 2006

You guys are the true Robin Hoods of the Software Universe. Outstanding selection, service, and online delivery.
John, USA. | 14 aug 2006

As a single mom of 4 on a budget, I am about as skeptical as they get. My employer is providing an amazing opportunity to obtain six sigma green belt followed by black belt training. They have deep pockets, but repeatedly denied my request for a statistical program called Minitab. It is a class requirement. I can't even imagine doing these calculations manually for a six month project. My intent was to just buy it myself until I saw the price! This is an amazing service that levels the playing field for everyone. I can't thank you enough.
Julie, NY USA. | 14 aug 2006

I have already bought from you and there was the buying secure and correct. I bought Autodesk Inventor 11 4 days before and could not install it correctly. I asked live support for helping (I did not think that you can help me) and after short chat he send me the correct install instructions (Thanks!!) The site is very impressive, the service is nice
Sandor, USA. | 14 aug 2006

I have bought your software for years now and find you provide the level of service that others only dream about, thank you for you fine range of products and great service.
SensaiBJAY, Australia. | 14 aug 2006

I just wanted to say to you guys, I have been useing you allot and just wanted to say thank you, you guys are awesome. and I do not say this lightly, you offer the best service and I have nerver once had a problem with anything I have gotten. Keep up the great work Thanks ever so much
Mark, USA. | 14 aug 2006

- The website design is extremely neat and functional. - The website is not a 'ghost', it does not expire after a limited period of life, and does not embark on 'spam' practices. - The 'Warez' logo is an example of sharp and delicious visual design. - The software archive is a masterpiece, offering warez at correct prices, with first-part professional-built cracks.
Vittori, Italy. | 14 aug 2006

Rarely will a company provide the products and services they advertise at the price and service level they promise - and then continue to do so consistently over time. BUT WAREZSTORE DOES! These guys have delivered on every one of my transactions over the past 2 years, so trust me when I say... 'You can transact safely and with confidence!'
dnabag - San Diego, CA USA. | 14 aug 2006

Love your site - It has gotten me out of a serious bind. I will continue to purchase through you. Thanks!
Paul, NY. | 14 aug 2006

Thanx you guys so much... I was finally able to download the files and install problems at all... I will be using yor site from now on...its worth every damn penny and besides its much better than most sites online.... The service and support is impeccable. I am going to spread the news to my friends who make music...and like to try before they buy... Without a doubt..... it is a great experience such a level of customer service....I work in a customer service based environment....and Trust me sometimes its real shit...but within the a few hours you guys have responded...found a method that would work and enabled me get the file.... wow...I mean it's fucking great excuse my french...

I went to resubmit my payment and it went through. I might have typed something incorrectly the first time. Anyway, I'm in photoshop now using my new plug-ins. They work beautifully. Working with this site: The entire process, from start to finish, was painless - and very professional. No adware, no spyware, no malicious anything - just the software I ordered in great working order. What can I say? I'm probably going to become a warezaddict.

This site is definitely for the working man that wants to learn new software, the price is just reight for me :)
Derek. | 14 aug 2006

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