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I just want to say thank you to those that make warezstore work. I have bought 5 products since the first of the year, that I could never have afforded the retail prices. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. My son thanks you too, now that I am more freed up to play legos with him. The software helped me make my business more profitable and productive!
Tamara, USA. | 14 aug 2006

At first I too was very spectical about buying from here so I over came my fear and bought my first software. The help and support you get from these guys is absolutely brilliant. I have come back and bought more software from here, all the prices here are very cheap. If you want cheap software then give WAREZSTORE a try you won't be disappointed.
Jameel from London | 14 aug 2006

Just want to say you guy are great also great help and products that work at a low cost keep up the great support more company like you are needed in the usa
Charlie from USA | 14 aug 2006

Just wanted to say thanks again. Your software selection is great, download system very easy to use (the best anywhere), and prices very reasonable. Your customer service is very accessible and customer friendly. [A couple months ago, my computer crashed and I lost a download. Your customer service rep was quite understanding in allowing me to redownload a file.] Keep up the excellent work and stay in business!
Scott from US | 14 aug 2006

At first I thought it might be risky to buy anything here. But a sudden study deadline didn't give me any choice but to jump in and buy here what I needed to learn. Unexpectedly, I encountered here real professional service! All products are real, full versions, with complete instructions for a perfect installation. Any time I had a question the staff answered almost instantly. Even when I myself misunderstood some product name and wrongly bought it, the staff was nice enough to offer a discount. I shopped here a couple of times and the service makes you want to buy more. The download times are really fast and you get your product immediately after payment completed. In future I hope I can pay with American Express too, not only MasterCard or Visa but all in all the site here is great, trustworthy and it helped me tremendously to have the chance to study this products before exams! It's surreal, all you can get here even if you're just a student! Five stars!
Mitsuoka Orochi from TOKYO | 14 aug 2006

I would like to take the time and thank you for your Great Support I have never experienced the trype of support staff that your company offers! It took a whole lot of guess work out of extraction for me. Three cheers and BIG -UPS. Again, Thank You!
Maurice J. | 14 aug 2006

What can I say but your service has blown me away once again!No other service has been able to do for my company what yours has. I've been a loyal customer for over a year, my purchase today has made me a customer for life.Any problem I've had with software purchased has been QUICKLY and SATISFACTORILY resolved, immediate response-that's what I call Customer Service!I purchased the same software from one of your competitors yesterday, well I purchased the software that actually did what you said it guys have always delivered.THANX!
John | 14 aug 2006

I did have my doubts in the beginning but had ordered from Warez for many years before this wonderful site was set up. Now, I don't have to put up with all the 'pop-ups', 'porn' or unwanted 'Ads'. My experience with secure and 'Pay Pal' purchasing through your site has never given me a problem and I feel safe in ordering on line. Whenever I have had an issue, such as: non working files (when I didn't follow the directions carefully), double billing (because I hit the purchase more than once), wrong software for my OS, I have received courteous and prompt response, credit back to my account almost immediately, detailed instructions as to making the software work, alternate software. I love the chance to 'TRY BEFORE I BUY'. I have wasted so much money, in the past, on software I later found to be inadequate for my needs. Thank you over and over WAREZ!!!!
anonymous | 14 aug 2006

i have to say that i was scared to buy the software from this place but the price was so great that i took a chance and i was disappointed at all the software was great and the help was awesome.. the only complaint that i have is the instruction was not clear enough but other then that its was so great that i bought three more things from them great place a++++ all the way around
vinny | 14 aug 2006

We are students living in the UK and very very sceptical. We have been very pleased with the outcome, we chose the download and CD option and received our download immediately so far so good and this is helping us develop educationally. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS SITE. THANK YOU!
Suk and Mat UK | 14 aug 2006

I was hesident at first to deal with you guys, but ever since my first transaction, service has been first class. Now I'm addicted to you guys an purchase my software on a regular basis from you. Keep the software going because I'm saving heaps. Just give it a go, what have you got to loose??? my experience tells me ... NOTHING!!! Cheers,
Wag. | 14 aug 2006

Wow! What excellent prices. I was a little skeptical at first at the cheap prices but read all the great reviews and decided to give it a chance. So glad I did. Got a great $500 program for a tenth of the cost. CD's were shipped in reasonable time. Can't wait to buy again.
Mario/So. California | 14 aug 2006

I admit I was very skeptical last night when I ordered the software and did not get an email right away. I started to think bad things, but when I woke up this morning, I had been correctly billed and the file link provided in email. The instructions were outstanding, the download flawless and the software installed and updated with no problems at all. I have since returned this same day and purchased another piece of great software from you. Please keep up this great service you provide. Thank You,
CyBrSuFr USA | 14 aug 2006

I have ordered quite a few selections from website. I was skeptical at first, but I have yet to be dissappointed. Every order has been as advertised, no problems with billing or downloading. The couple of small issues were handled quickly and to my satisifaction. Being a student I have ordered many programs to help me with my schooling. I could NEVER afford the software, were it not for your site. THANK you so much for you professionalism and customer support. You can be assured I will be a customer for a long time. Thank You
KDJ in ALABAMA USA | 14 aug 2006

I must say I am really impressed with the service you guys offer. I was a little skeptical at first but I plan to order more from you guys in the near furture. The service as well as the download was fast.
Ben US | 14 aug 2006

I have successfully downloaded and installed my recently ordered application from your site. I am overcome with the excellent selection of software, exceptional prices, and attention to detail you apply to downloads. I received: a Warezstore download utility that walked me through the file transfer, the application as .iso images, a text document describing how to utilize all files with written explanations, a copy of Daemon Tools in case I did not have a CD-Burner, and marked up bitmaps of how to use Daemon Tools. Your service is very professional and efficient. I thank you for providing an option that for many is the only means of using applications otherwise unattainable. I commend you for doing so in such a straight forward efficent manner. I look forward to working with you in the future!
ADH | 14 aug 2006

The first time I used your service I was so impressed that I had to write a comment. I have ordered from you over the last 2 years, and still remain an incredibly pleased customer. You are great! I get swamped with spam forom other sites offering their discounted products but never have I been tempted. No one else comes near to matching your professionalism. Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Bear | 14 aug 2006

I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your help and your diversification of products. I will tell all friends, to be confident that they will always receive, not only top grade software but all the help needed in downloading and installation. my email was answered in very little time when I had a problem. WarezStore, through its unbelievably low prices, the lowest I have seen anywhere on the internet, have made software that is out of reach for most people, available to all. Congratulat,ions to our friends across the sea for doing such a great job. I brag to everyone all the time about your site.
Davie D. | 14 aug 2006

Had a few doubts at first about buying the software as i have had problems with other sites but your software downloaded and installed just as intructions software ran o.k .will use you again A1 ++++ for everything many thanks.
Mike U.K | 14 aug 2006

I have to express my gratitude for the excellent service that I have received from you. You delivered what you promised: full y complete software... and at an excellent, impossible to imagine, price. Also, when I needed additional information about installation of the product, in less than 12 hours, I obtained it in a clear and concise way. You have a new and permanent customer. Please, continue in the same path and you will add a lot of grateful customers to the long list that you already have. Very truly,
Carlos R/Miami, Fl. | 14 aug 2006

I have ordered 5 software programs from your company in the last month. Thank you!!!! It has saved me much, My Son is in college and needed several programs he works on in the lab I helps him work in the Dorm Room, instead of going to the Lab to work! Saves $$$$$
George E D | 14 aug 2006

I had my doubts about the web site and weather they would come through with the goods as I have been taking by another site I would like to say that I will and I am going to recommend this site to my friends and I will without any problems as I have had the pleasure of the support centre
Buswell | 14 aug 2006

I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your help and your diversification of products. I would tell all future customers, to be confident that they will always receive, not only top grade software but all the help needed in downloading and installation. Every one of my emails was always answered. WarezStore, through its unbelievably low prices, the lowest I have seen anywhere on the internet, have made software that is out of reach for most people, available to all. Another advantage of WarezStore is that they also have software for the MAC. Congratulat,ions to our friends across the seafor doing such a great job.
D. Lamour | 14 aug 2006

I am writing this message to thank warezstore for your professionalism, honesty, and great communication. I was very skeptical about you guys at first, BUT now I highly recommend warezstore to anyone who is looking for a good deal. The transaction was very confidential and quick. The downloading software was quite intuitive. It took me less than 45 minutes to download 2CD's. Again, thanks for great business warezstore. I am looking forward to do business with you guys again.July 8, 2004

Just wanted to say I was completely skeptical about purchasing from you guys, thought for sure I'd get scammed. However, I purchased anyway taking a chance. I'm glad I took that chance. You came through completely, professionally and I got what I needed at a rock bottom price! I'll diffinately come back and shop with you again, no doubt about it. Keep up the good work!
Greatful Shopper. | 14 aug 2006

I bought a program from you the other day. It is an educational program for my son who is very interested in this particular stream The store price is about $3000 and therefore prohibitively expensive I bought it off you for $35 I got good value and my son has a program that could lead to a career and future prosperity Thanks
A grateful shopper. | 14 aug 2006

YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!!! I, too, was skeptical about revealing my CC and personal info to an 'unknown' source. Especially for warez! I really kissed off the purchase because I thought that it was a deal too good to be true, and a well learned lesson. But to my surprise you guys came through in a record time as far as I'm concerned. Your message stated within 12 hours, but it was more like 2. All in all 'you guys deliver on your word.' You have prompt service, and a very, very fast ftp connection. I had no problem downloading, installing, burning to cd, etc. No problems at all. You will be servicing me again, soon. I promise!!!
Pete N. from USA. | 14 aug 2006

THANKS GUYS. I was sceptical about placing an order. I was obviously worried about being ripped off, if i didnt get ripped off, I was sure that if I received wouldnt work, it would be incomplete....etc,etc... Plus the idea of giving out a credit card number......... YOU PUT ALL MY WORRIES TO REST,,,,,THE PRODUCT IS AS STATED....WORKS GREAT.....ARRIVED EARLIER THAN EXPECTED.......COST ONLY WHAT YOU ADVERTISED..........I'LL DO BUSINESS WITH YOU AGAIN........THANKS VERY MUCH.
R.EUBANKS | 14 aug 2006

Absolutely great ! After several failed attempts to download an extremely large file, you provided me with a couple of tips that made the download and install smooth as silk. I just placed another order with the Warezstore - great service and software have combined to make me a return customer. These software offers are the best thing that can happen to someone on a small budget. Thanks again on the tip for using 'Getright' - it certainly makes the downloading a lot more accurate and easier.

I just installed my software and I have to say that I was skeptical... I thought that I might get just a fixed trial version, but this is the real deal. I got an .ISO image as promised, installed it without any problems and now I'm using my new software. This is a great way to fully test software before purchasing it! No more annoying time limits... you can really work on a project and test the software for a month or five if you want... then buy it when budget allows. So far, I am very pleased with the results and the price. An if you just want to have some simple fun with professional tools, why force the 'average Joe' to pay up to thousands of dollars for making a simple home movie or working with some simple photos. Thanks again.

hey you'll find a super shop: good software & good service. Already download/receipt via post a lot of software and never had a problem....everything work good. If you don't think it's a good idea buy program from a warez site you loose a good deal! For italian friends: ragazzi comprate pure non vi fidate tanto provate solo con un semplice acquisto (accredito della visa su server sicuro: una garanzia di affidabilita'): quando vedrete che tutto funziona come pubblicizzato tornerete sicuramente a comprare ancora...i ragazzi del warezstore sono dei professionisti -)
ciao Teo from Italy | 14 aug 2006

You guys are GREAT!!! Excellent services even compared to the software vendor itself! Actually, when I found this site, I was super skeptical about it, especially when I knew it accepted credit card payment only. My thought they just wanted to steal cc numbers. But, I gave it a try by ordering STAADPro 2003. First, I sent 2 input files to be tested by you and I requested you to send the output file. Then, you sent me the output files IN A DAY..!! PRETTY FAST..!! Second, I paid the payment via secure billing as per your instruction. Then, I made a mistake, so the transactions were failed and there were double payment which had been credited to my cc bill. I reported to you via email only. Then, my double payment was cancelled & refunded LESS THAN A WEEK..!! AMAZING..!! Third, I did my payment again on 09-Dec-03 & I check the status & found that my order had been sent on 11-Dec-03. I received my order on 23-Dec-03, delivered only IN 2 WEEKS..!! INCREDIBLE..!! Fourth, I gave my order a try. I found no problems. The installation & the program itself run smoothly.. CLEVER..!! So from now, I have NO doubt about you guys. QUICK RESPONDS & ASSISTANCE, SECURE PAYMENT & FAST DELIVERY... WHAT AN EXCELLENT SERVICES..!!! I shall order from you again. Thanks a lot guys & keep up a good work.
Robert PT, Indonesia. | 14 aug 2006

WOW, Holy shit I can not beleave I just downloaded aodbe golive CS a $400 program for only 20 bux.. I realy don't know how I found your site maybe I was looking for a crack but damn I am glad I found it...Keep up the good work. I don't know how you do it just glad that your doing it... I LOVE YOU.
Nakrul Strosek, USA | 14 aug 2006

Just wanted to state I was very skeptical when I found your site. I just knew that upon using my credit card to make an order that two things were sure to happen. 1) I would not get the item I ordered and 2) Soon there would be all kinds of charges suddenly appearing on my credit card. Well neither happened. I received my disks within the time you stated I would and they worked perfectly and the only charges noted on my card was for the purhase of the disks. Rest assured you have my business for as long as you're operational and believe me I have pasted your web address among my close friends.
Bob O. from IN, USA. | 14 aug 2006

What a great site. Software arrived as promised within alloted time. Overcome you scepticism and use this site. I will definitely be back.
Clive. from UK. | 14 aug 2006

Your stuff is great.... Recent releases that work easily and quickly. I appreciate the fact that I can try, under normal conditions, very costly CAD tools before commiting to buy them. I have purchased buggy tools in the past with whimpy or non-existent tech support, and an attitude like ' ....better luck next time.. LOL'. No more of that. Thanks, Warezstore for a safe, very cost-effective service. I don't feel ripped off anymore. In fact, I'll keep coming back for more. Thanks again!
Anonymous in Oregon, USA. | 14 aug 2006

This is my second time ordering from your company and I must say that you are doing an incredible service to people that take the chance to buy from you. The first time I ordered from you I was very skeptic due to the fact that most warez sites do automated downloads that sit on your computer as backdoor programs and plug up resources. Others use spyware and other similar programs. However, my skepticism soon faded due to the sheer legitimacy of your site. You have made a skeptic a believer and I wanted to tell everyone that works on the site to keep up with the incredible work.
J.Kendric. | 14 aug 2006

I just want to let you all know that is truly an amazing online store. I too was very skeptical about this site but I decided to give it a try and I am glad that I did because they were very fast and efficient and I know I will do business with them again. Truly amazed at how fast I was able to get my program from them.
Raymond K. from ON, Canada. | 14 aug 2006

I just wanted to write you and Thank You! for your time and efforts in providing me with the software I recently purchased. Not only did you provide me with the software I requested, but you went out of your way to locate it and make it available to me in a very short period of time. Indeed, buying, downloading and installing the software from you is safe, smooth and quick. The credit card processing was secure and exceeded my expectations! I have purchased other software from you and will continue to do as your customer service is 'Excellent'! I would recommend your services without hesitation and would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone. Keep up the great work! Thank you and have a great day!
Dell K. from BC, Canada. | 14 aug 2006

Jesus, your service is Awsome!!!! god bless you. i was very very very very !!!! cannot stress how very squeptical and doubtfull i was about this but it turned out perfectly i got my software with quick response...!!!! i coulndt be happier... Thanks guys.
Ricardo from Texas, USA. | 14 aug 2006

My breath is taken away by the great customer service questions were answered in less than an hour. The download, using my poor 28.8 landline connection took more than 13 hours and not once did I get dumped or lose the line to your server. Thanks for the great service, wonderful prices, and wide array of product.
Alfred from MS, USA. | 14 aug 2006

I'm pleased with WarezStore because buying, downloading and installing the software was both really smooth and quick. All within the same day. After my first purchase I feel fully safe to come back for more software again and again.
Peter from US. | 14 aug 2006

WarezStore continues to surprise me with their services. They are always quick to answer ANY questions I have had, big and small. When something doesn't seem to be working right, it is only a matter of hours before all is fixed... AND with email communication every step of the way... Slick easy transaction... I highly recommend trying them out!!
JB from US. | 14 aug 2006

You guys are GREAT!!! We recently took over a network that had some some critical software on one of the servers - the hard drive died, and the old system administrator must have taken the software with him - you guys saved the day by having the software available for download, and in the nic-of-time!! We were using a trial edition temporarily to rectify the problem, but it's licence would have run out tomorrow at noon - without you guys, and the software replacement you had available, it would have cost this company thousands of dollars in down time - PRAISE BE TO WAREZ!! You saved the day, and saved my job!!
Richard from US. | 14 aug 2006

Really great service here. It has been a terrific help and I totally endorse it. Anyone who wonders about it can email me with any questions. I don't trust anything until it proves itself to me, but this has been proven and I'm thankful. Use it and you'll see what I'm talking about, I'll definitely be back when I need something else.
VeggieGuy | 14 aug 2006

The Warez Store is an awesome site offering an awesome service. The prices are cheap, fast friendly emails from the staff and the download server is very fast............................I will be doing business with them again! Thank you Warez Store
Ron | 14 aug 2006

Thanks. A friend of mine recommended your warez store for excellent products and price. I found two programs I was looking for and made my purchase. Within 10 days I received my two CD's. Not having read the directions on the web site, I had some difficulty with the installation of the program. I sent an email for help. Your service department answered quickly and solved my installation problem. It just happened to be my fault. The next time I won't make the same mistake. I will certainly purchase more disks and I will highly recommend you to my friends.
Lou | 14 aug 2006

I absolutely loved the service. I wasn't too worried (per se), as I had used a different 'warez' service before, but this one still had me more then just a little jumpy...especially with the 'downloader' application. I'd never used one before, and I certainly didn't want to have to trust my machine to one...but I made the leap and it worked beautifully. It's nice to know that these really are people that you can trust.
FreeZeR | 14 aug 2006

I was SO SATISFIED about this service!! I was in hurry to have this da*n software to complete my first math homework, but the original copy for student discounted price is nearly $100!! Then I found this web site(somewhere). But I was in doubt if this is a 'fraud,' so I checked the 'customers opinion' section first, checked out the price list, then decided to give it a shot. (I was thinking: anyways, my homework is due tomorrow, where else can I buy a software this cheap and have it right away?!) I have to say: YOU GUYS ARE COOL!! I got the software in less than 24 hrs and completed my homework on time! This is great. THanx so much!! ^_^
tc7 | 14 aug 2006

I have been dealing with online stores for quite a while now, although I thought yours to be a little dubious at first I took a chance. I am very glad I did, the entire operation was very fast, clean and certainly professional. So much so, I am back for more. I wish all dealings on the internet were as simple and secure as yours. I was put at ease from the very start. Well done to your team. you deserve recognition and I will certainly do my bit.
Daniel | 14 aug 2006

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