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These guys are great! this is the real deal don't hesitate to buy. the software is the real thing and works awesome! and the support is 2nd to none. Windows after a year of updates made the key quit working and tech support fixed the issues quickly! I just bought a newer version of the cad/cam software and it installed flawlessly, and they were right there when i need to ask any questions!
MIchael, FL, USA | 19 Jul 2022

I have purchased software from the Warez Store guys for years. At first, I was skeptical of how they could offer so many high-priced software packages for such low prices and I was concerned that their software would be loaded with malware and spyware. However, I am a 3D generalist and hobbyist and could not afford full-priced packages, so I took the plunge and ordered from the store and have subsequently had no cause to regret it. Their packages always worked and the men there have always responded promptly and courteously to my emails. Yesterday I purchased a software package from them and couldn't get it to install correctly, so I contacted them through their Chat window and even though it must have been around 2 am in the morning in Europe where they are located, they connected with me immediately and invited me to link with them through remote control and in just a few minutes, my problem was solved and I was up and running. My only complaint is that some of their instruction texts are too brief and I have had difficulty at times getting the software to install and run following the instructions. But things always worked out in the end.
Bob, UT, USA | 20 Mar 2022

First, let me say that I have been using Warezstore for over 20 years. You have helped me get a job and keep updated and stay employed to support my family. I couldn't afford the training to get access to the software, but you made it possible. Warezstore broke down the walls of exclusivism and privilege to make anyone able to access platforms that are needed to be able to maintain a living in a technical world. I love you people where ever you are. I want you to know that you are providing a valuable service to your fellow man. Well done!
Keith, TX, USA | 6 Mar 2022

I thank you officialy very much for your extraordinary support. It was directed to the object, very quikly and clever cleared. I would be honored working with you. Wish you and also your team together, a very fine Christmass and a much better time the next year. Sincerely,
Dan, Germany | 23 Dec 2021

Great service from these guys Full instructions come with download Payment sent and download received within minutes Will look forward to using again
Jack, United Kingdom | 21 Feb 2021

Nothing but praise for WS. Expert technical support. I will soon be 87 years old, and I would not be able to do the necessary steps without them. Oliver and 1 other whos name I don't recall right now. Thanks a million guys!
Reece, MO, USA | 25 Dec 2020

Definitely recommend getting programs from here. Excellent customer service!!
Ian, CA, USA | 22 Nov 2020

I have been buying from Warezstore for over 7 years. I have always been satisfied. The after sale service is excellent, particularly thanks to Oliver.
Jean Jacques, France | 14 Feb 2019

Thank you very much for all your help and patient with me. You're desert a big Thank You. What a wonderful person, long time client. will buy again and again. Merry Christmas.
Michael, CA, USA | 12 Dec 2018

Great team ! Professionalism, competency, reactivity. As a client since 2003 ...I know what I am talking about and I really mean it.
Flore, Switzerland | 23 Sep 2018

incredible service! on hand live support to help with my everyneed - big thanks to Oliver. Software working excellent.
Jack, USA | 8 Feb 2018

I am so happy whit ur service and ur offers all of the staff r very professional my recognition to Mr Oliver.I have been bying to warez for last 3 years excellent service .I have recomended ur servises to my coworker and they have same opinion
Hector, USA | 20 Jan 2018

I'm so thankful for your website providing evaluation versions of software for me to try out and learn. The installation process is very straightforward and I've never had problems after installing. This software is the real deal, and helps regular people like me learn technical software that's unavailable otherwise because of the high -corporate level - pricing involved. Thank you, bill
Bill, MN, USA | 26 Sep 2017

Been using these guys for over 10 years and VERY happy with what they offer and their services!! Some people can't afford the costs of some programs, and this has allowed me to try and test them before I may make the big purchase!!
John, Bermuda | 30 May 2017

This is not a question, rather just a comment of gratitude. I've been a customer for about 9 years now, and your software has helped me get pre-training on new versions before my company gets it. This has made me much more efficient and I have a broader knowledge of the software (and can do my job much better). Many thanks to you, and I hope we can keep doing business for many more years to come!
Joseph, CA, USA | 28 Nov 2016

I've been using Warezstore for many years, and have been very please with every aspect of doing business with them. Much appreciated! Thanks!
Mike, NC | 22 Nov 2016

I just wanted to drop an email and say how much I love doing business with warezstore. I always get great product, and the prices are top notch. Keep up the good work.
James, TX, USA | 8 Nov 2016

I have been enjoying the excellent disease free products from from the beginning of time. The pricing is exceptionally reasonable; the support staff is the best I have encountered at any website. Probably years ago I held my breath the first time I allowed them to enter my computer. After so many years of satisfactory assistance I do not hesitate to invited them to assist me. For the past few days Oliver J. has been fantastic in his support provided for my issue. Thanks!
Jay, CA, USA | 28 Apr 2016

I been so very pleased with the assistance I've received from Ralf on several occasions that I wanted to finally add this testimonial so both the company and anyone else may know, as well. He's provided me great guidance in answering any and all questions that I've had. He's really great to work with!!! I'd also like to mention that in the past I've worked with another fella whose name I'm temporarily forgetting right now, and he too has been nothing short of superb and professional, as well. This company has a great Support staff!!! A Very Pleased Client!
Stuart, CA, USA | 16 Feb 2016

I also have used for approximately 15 years now. It has been a few years since I ordered until now. They have been nothing but outstanding including their customer service when ever I got lost or had an issue downloading - They were on it. Through all my downloads they always answered me fast with a solution. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and there are now many other sites like this however, I must say this, None of those sites beats this customer service and they have never once given my email address out. I recommend them Highly.
Anonymous, CA, USA | 1 Nov 2015

Yes am new to to WAREZSTORE.COM and the experience was ok I will be using the site again!
Robert, IL, USA | 6 Aug 2015

Warezstore has been my source for reasonably priced software since 1998--17 years of excellence. I'm sorry that it took this long for me to write a testimonial, but 17 years is amazing. I've witnessed quite a few changes but it's all been for the best. Hats off.
William, NJ, USA | 17 Jul 2015

vous pouvez faire confiance a 100% ce site est vraiment tres fiable et le service technique est vraiment la pour vous si il y a le moindre probleme je conseil
you can trust at 100% this website ther is a really reliable technical service, they are here for you if there is any problem I recommend it
Gregory, Paris, France | 18 Mar 2015

I don't have any suggestions because I think you are already doing great, but I would like to give you guys much deserved praise. I have been doing business with WarezStore for almost 10 years. I have bought countless programs from you every time I get a new computer. Every time I needed help, you guys were always there with your expertise. Any problems I had became minor when you offered tech support. Every single instance when I asked for assistance, the problem was solved immediately. I envy your technical skills and expertise. I recommend you to friends and acquaintances at every opportunity. Your pieces are fabulous making it easier to buy the latest version of a piece of software, rather than buying and upgrade from the company. I wanted to leave a testimonial again (I left one years ago and it is still listed). Keep up the great work and I hope you guys have the best success ever -- you deserve it. Thanks again.
Albert, NY, USA | 3 Mar 2015

An after-sales service that you can't find in the greatest softwarehouses.
Gustavo, Italy | 28 Oct 2014

Great, app works wonderful. Installation easy as ABC. Thumbs up for Warez.
Avatar65, Malaysia | 17 Oct 2014

Thank you so much! I don't know how you do what you do but, over the years, you have provided career opportunities for me that otherwise would have been unattainable. I am very grateful. Thank you again!
Larry, NC, USA | 14 Oct 2014

I am extremely happy with, They are extremely reliable, Have great quick live support, and are super friendly! I have been in contact with a support member for the past couple days due to a stupid mistake on my end and he was extremely helpful and understanding! I recommend this service to anyone and everyone! Thanks again Oliver!
Adam, Los Angles, CA | 22 Jun 2014

Really i am have so pleasure with the tech attentio Oliver mostly and ralf i had been having many questions to install my sofwarez but their patience made me possoble to do it thank you again
Hector, Hollywood, FL | 31 May 2014

fully operational, nothing short of splendid for this difficult to obtain warez. Highly recommanded, fast and easy.
Marine, Paris, France | 5 May 2014

they are fantastic, I been using them for years..thanks guys.
alex, CA, USA | 1 May 2014

Thanks for what you are doing. cheers from Marseille !
TRISTAN, France | 8 Mar 2014

Just wanted to give you a huge "Thanks". Your site helps me quite a bit to get out of 911 trouble shooting. Keep it up!!
Paul, CA, USA | 29 Jan 2014

tk u warez store tech OLIVER FOR UR HELP insstalling software only w/ ur professional help i got it tk u again
Hector, FL, USA | 4 Jan 2014

Just want to also, thank you all very much. I have been doing business with you for about six years. You never fail to come through with information and support. I have recommended you to many customers and they too, are happy with their purchases and level of customer support. I could not do what I do without you!
Marla, MD, USA | 23 Dec 2013

Very good and efficient technical support. Thank you.
Jean Jacques, France | 23 Dec 2013

What a great company! Not only great deals but great technical service. They are truly qualified and trusted.
Jay D. , Miami, FL | 18 Dec 2013

It is very much appreciated and I definitely come back for more. For your information, I am " your fan " since I was in Australia, that was a long time ago, at least 15 years or longer and I also tell all my trusted friends to go to your website to buy softwares from there and told them that I never have any problems with your " products ".
Natalie, IA, USA | 8 Dec 2013

I have the best opinion about your service as beginner I have Got all needed assistance installing sofwares .I was worry about viruses but your softwares are affordable and competitively also the support gave for you made ware store unique thank warezstore .Thank oliver for your patience and your help you are really a big professional thank again for me and my family the best assisting customers.
Hector, FL, USA | 4 Dec 2013

Fantastic support!!! This is my second time using Warezstore and the first time any question came up. Turns out it was my misunderstanding.. not the directions. The Tech took over my machine after a couple of moments and got me up and running within a minute!!! Very Satisfied. THANKS
James, SC, USA | 15 Oct 2013

..."thank you for the follow-up email regarding my software issue!!!!, Everything appears to be back to normal! I really appreciate all your efforts and support! Most of all your patients and professionalism!!!!!".
Barry, NY, USA | 19 Aug 2013

I have purchased many pieces of software from '' with all but a couple installing without any problems. The couple that did give me some problems I contacted 'warezstore' and they promptly replied with info on how to fix and successfully install/activate the software. They go above and beyond what I expected from a place that selling 'discount' software. They're products are great and the service in super!
Marshall, Colorado | 19 Apr 2013

I have been using you guys for many many many years now and never had a problem until this weekend. Got in touch and was sorted out in minutes. Excellent job, good service keep up the good work.
Maurice, UK | 15 Apr 2013

You guys are special. Very nervous getting my first purchase. worried about viruses etc. and the security of my expensive equipment.Top lot.
Jim, UK | 30 Jan 2013

Excellent support ... Even though I kept having problems with each step the support team walked me through. I will definetly be back. Thanks Again
Andrew, NJ, USA | 29 Jan 2013

Sono estremamente soddisfatto di WS, un servizio impeccabile e un'assistenza che le case madri si sognerebbero. Oltre, naturalmente, al risparmio, ti offre competenza, risposte in brevissimo tempo e trovano sempre una soluzione ad ogni tuo problema. Sono anni che uso WS e credo che non smetterò mai più!
Leonardo, Siena, Toscana, ITALY | 8 Oct 2012

I've been a Warezstore user for many yrs. If ur not using Warezstore products, u don't know what ur missing! Gr8 products, terrific support, responsive techs, easy (99% of time) installs ... in general ... marvelous!! This is the place ... here are the programs ... and these are the people!
Evan, Panama City Beach, FL | 3 Oct 2012

I was looking for a Software and I founded for way way cheap than the regular price, I had trouble installing it but with the Warezstore team, They Help Me and I was able to finally use the program I wanted. I been using these programs for a couple of years now and Had never had any Problems THANKS GUYS KEEP IT UP!!!!!
Jose, CA, USA | 10 Aug 2012

You guys are the best at what you do. Thats why I am a great fan and big user of you guys. Because you come with the stuff we purchase. You add significant value to the whole package. You make a difference that is felt. Thanks again
Mark, IL, USA | 14 Jul 2012

Excellent - please know that you was of great help last night. I was having major issues when trying to install one of your products. You was incredibly helpful and patient. I will gladly refer people to your company - the customer service was amazing.
Robert, IL, USA | 17 May 2012

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