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Comments of our customers

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I was a little bit skeptical to begin with! but both downloaded version and posted dvd's arrived quickly and worked with no problems..thanks loads
Phil, UK | 28 february 2008

I have purchased 3 titles from and have been completely satisfied with each purchase. Thank you so much for making the unaffordable software affordable to the average person.
Charles, VA USA | 18 february 2008

They are excellent. They reply quickly and efficiently if you need any help at all and the software is A++++ and so affordable! Thanks
S, CA USA | 17 february 2008

You guys are the best. When I've had a problem, you pulled through with the best service.
Clark, ON Canada | 15 february 2008

Wow Wow Wow! Totally COOL. You are the best! You guys stuck it out with me to the end! I DO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP. TOTALLY pro....
Kent, NV USA | 15 february 2008

This is by far the best way to get new software. You guys Rock!! Thank you!
Robin, Ireland | 5 february 2008

Tonn, Luxembourg | 5 february 2008

ALAn, CA, USA | 22 january 2008

I purchased software and was having trouble downloading it because something was missing. Everyone on the help desk was involved in finding the problem and correcting it so now I can learn my stuff. I really appreciate all they did a will definitely be using them again. Not just because of there prices, but they go that extra distance to help you out.
Christopher, FL, USA | 17 january 2008

Thanks for making the unaffordable attainable! You guys question about it. Fast service and quality downloads. Thanks so much! I highly recommend you guys to all my friends.
JB, NJ, USA | 16 january 2008

Hello of Belgium, Very good contact, all useful information. All is perfect. I recommend.
Fredo, Belgium | 8 january 2008

great site, great tech support. i shall return, this is my second time. Thanks much
Donnovan, USA | 8 january 2008

This site is the perfect starting point for my career as a student with low income. Even though I am using this site I will purchase all the necessary software the way its supposed to be. SUPPORT THE WORK OF OTHERS AND THEY WILL SUPPORT YOURS.
Oleg, USA | 6 january 2008

I've never offered any kind of testimonial before, but I felt compelled to write. I've always been very pleased with I also appreciate how they take care of return customers. I never, ever once had any problems at all. Always a smooth transaction, smooth download, and secure payment system. Very trustworthy. This website and store is the best. I've been a customer for years and will continue to be a loyal customer for a long, long time. Thank you for being such a great service.
Jawn, USA | 6 january 2008

Good price, good service, Good product. What more can you ask?
Jeng, USA | 4 january 2008

I have to say, after reading a few testimonials, I was hopeful, but only half believing that customer helpdesk would be helpful with my problem. What a breath of fresh air! Online support immediately responsive and replacing my problematic disk no questions asked! Thank you!!!!
Marguerite, USA | 28 december 2007

I've been using you guys for years, and while we'll all probably burn in hell for buying / selling software for $20 a pop, I love knowing you're out there when I need you. Thanx for the software!
Michael, USA | 16 december 2007

I have used these guys a few times now and only had the best service experience. Whenever I had a problem, which occurs hardly ever, the helpdesk sorted it out within minutes. I can only speak well of them and will be using them again and again.
Oliver, UK | 15 december 2007

I am very pleased with your products and service. I am also pleased with your online help. Keep up the great work.
andre, USA | 13 december 2007

Congratulations!!!! You charge much less than any software company in the world and you offer THE BEST and QUICK support I have ever see!!!!
Dr. Lokovitch, Latin America | 9 december 2007

I was very skeptical about the service provided here. I thought is was another one of those 'rip you off' sites where they get your money and you are unable to download the product or there is some kind of transfer problem. I took the risk and downloaded the Adobe CS3 MC. After 3 days of downloading I tried to install the program and had a problem. I emailed tech support and they gladly tried to help me with my problem. They checked my computer out and everything. I finally figured out I had a corrupted Disk Image. Once the problem was fixed, everything worked good as gold. I will ALWAYS use for all my expensive program needs. Thanks Warezstore.
Matt, NC USA | 9 december 2007

I have purchased number of products from this site over the last 2yrs and have been very pleased with the quality. I have lost endless hours trying to track down working software and now learnt it is much easier to pay the small fee and get what I want straight away knowing it will work. Yes I also felt these testimonial were possible fakes and thought just another net scam but these guys are legit.
Troy, QLD AUSTRALIA | 7 december 2007

Was very reluctant to use this service but after two purchases I have lost all inhibitions about purchasing more. I can't afford the outrageous prices some of the software companies charge and your company has been very helpful in making them affordable. Excellent product with excellent service. You can't beat it.
Jarread, USA | 6 december 2007

Download was so quick and easy, no viruses, no problems. A great service to all. thanks guys.
Eamonn, UK | 4 december 2007

I have been ordering from these guys for over 6 years without even a hiccup. Highly recommended!
Anthony, USA | 26 november 2007

Was very reluctant to use this service but after two purchases I have lost all inhibitions about purchasing more. I can't afford the outrageous prices some of the software companies charge and your company has been very helpful in making them affordable. Excellent product with excellent service. You can't beat it.
Jarread, USA | 21 november 2007

I have been using your service for several years and it only gets better. I have changed to your CD/DVD service and the speed of delivery is absolutely outstanding. Having trialled the 'backups' I can now confidently go out and purchase the full product without fear of having wasted my money.
Keith, Australia | 18 november 2007

I am again very satisfied with the service of Download, payment, installation, all went like a breeze. Even the HELP was helpful. I will return to your shop and recommend it to everybody who needs good software without paying the rip-off prices and who have a little clue how to download and install. Thanks!
Ivan, South Africa | 17 october 2007

So COOL !! I haved a problem with my first download ISO file but they anwser to my email with a solution and everything is all right and work perfectly !!! We're gonna make business again !!!
Daniel, Canada | 16 october 2007

Pleased almost to tears, will keep coming back for more...everything purchased is up and running
Brian, PA USA | 14 october 2007

You guys are the best. I have bought several software titles and am very pleased with the products. At first I was skeptical and afraid to purchase but am VERY happy I did. Thanks for being there.
Harold, FL USA | 14 october 2007

yeah! the best site. I have been using it for years, best softs, speedy downlads, secure. real professionals. thanks guys!
Yves, USA | 13 october 2007

This site is awsome! All the products you need at the prices you want to pay with all the support you would expect from any main stream software company! Simply fantastic!
Stuart, UK | 1 october 2007

I won't shop anywhere else. Insanely incredible prices. I had a little problem with the installation and activation of my software but they were prompt in helping me resolve the issues. 5 Star for sure.
J. Taylor, Maryland, USA | 27 september 2007

I think Multimedia is nothing realistic without you guys. You are doing the best thing that one could expect in this business. I'm thrilled also by your customer support team, always there to answer all customer questions. I Love you guys.
Kamran, USA | 21 september 2007

Service after the sale has been the best I have ever had from any company. I have never had to wait longer than a few hours for an answer to any problem I've had. I am NOT computer savy and they walked me through the installation process and checked back to make sure everything was working. They really care about customer service and providing quality products. I am a very satisfied customer.
Brian, Hollywood, USA | 21 september 2007

As a customer for several years, you have provided excellent support, outstanding customer service and have always resolved my problems within a day. I am impressed with your company and extremely grateful for the applications you offer at affordable prices.
Phillip, Chelmsford, England | 20 september 2007

I used with reluctance, but couldn't have hoped for a better service. I have used similar services recently and they took 24 hours to process payment, whereas this took no time at all. I would highly recommend as all software is exactly as advertised.
Joe, Fareham, England | 15 september 2007

For the past two years the Warez team has proven themselves as bar none, the best site for professionalism in quality and customer service. They have the best selections at incredibly low prices and their software downloads at blazing speeds. The bottom line: '...everything works out 100% of the time because their staff is awesome!!!!!!'
Dale, FL USA | 15 september 2007

I am an invalid on a fixed income and could not possibly hope to compete without the services of this company. I have purchased software 3 times over the past 4 years and their service has been excellent.
Joel, AR USA | 14 september 2007

Hey, have no fears with this company. Ive bought many a software from these guys and it all works fine. Really pleased with everything about them. Just go for it. I've saved an awful lot of serious money.
Mark, USA | 10 september 2007

It took me a couple of days before I finally had the guts to go through with my order. I even read almost all the testimonials before doing so. After many unsuccessful attempts at downloading the software I wanted from torrent sites, I stumbled upon warezstore. I'm not even sure how I did it, but I'm so thankful I did. After I got some much needed help from online technical support (because this is my first time downloading stuff like this) my software was up and running in less than 20 minutes. I will definitely buy from this site again!! Thanks warezstore!
Lana, USA | 8 september 2007

I, too, was skeptical BUT these guys are awesome! I bought two programs and they are perfect! The customer service is fantastic! I used the ONLINE Live Support on Monday (Labor Day) and Oliver helped me activate a program! Did you read that? ON Labor Day! Since then, Phillip has helped me with another problem! They are kind and helpful. I will use this site forever and recommend it to anyone looking to buy software, any software!
Cassie, USA | 5 september 2007

Download speed is superb. Software works great! I have just submitted a few requests for softwares not listed. Look forward to buying more, definitely!!! Thanks u Warezstore!, u have made all poor students dream to come true, to be able to use commercial softwares.
4 september 2007 | is a cheap site to buy crack software and their Live support is very helpful.
Hoan, USA | 29 august 2007

Thank you WAREZ team, for great relieve from the stress of finding a product so affordable. Two days of searching and in two minutes you solve my problem.
Bernard, Bahamas | 17 august 2007

Warez store has the best prices period. They cant be beat with there great software rips and excellent 5star customer service.
Caly, IL USA | 16 august 2007

Have been using warezstore for years, downloads always work 100% and include all neccasary box codes etc, also include software to emulate cd/dvd drive and also to burn dvds. The first time I to was worried about CC security - dont worry, have not had any problems in about 4 or 5 years of buying from these guys. Thanks for the 5* service!!!
Will, Belper UK | 8 august 2007

Just wanted to say thank-you very much for making it a lot easier to go through you other than other places. You guys are fast, polite and have really good prices. I'll be ordering more soon.
Chris Chicago, USA | 31 july 2007

I just got Corel Painter from the web site and their tech support was really helpful! I needed an activation key for my Mac computers, and they gave me what I needed fast. I would recommend their downloads highly!
Laurence, ON Canada | 31 july 2007

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