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Comments of our customers

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I am so happy I found this site. I will reccommend it to all my friends. I am exceptionally please with my purschase. I'm so happy I found it, even though I accidently found it. I can't express it in words.
Kake | 14 aug 2006

Thank you for my recent purchase. I would like to commend you on an excellent service. Although I had to wait 3 and a half hours to download with ISDN, it was well worth the wait. 'I'll be back' Thanx 10000000000000
Pablo | 14 aug 2006 is the greatest thing to happen in the IT industry. You don't have to spend several hundred dollars on software that you might not even use because it doesn't fulfill your needs. This site is also perfect for students looking to purchase software that they need to learn. I have recommended this site to all my friends and I recommend it to you too. Thanks warez for making a good thing happen.
Arthur | 14 aug 2006

This was a good experience. The transaction went quickly and I really appreciated the email interaction when I had a download and install issue. Both issues were minor and addressed immediately
Geoff | 14 aug 2006

Great service. You can trust these people! I will definitely look forward to purchasing from them in the future!
Dan | 14 aug 2006

I would just like to say that this is by far the best warez site out here on the web. I have been looking for a site like this for many months and now that i placed an order and everything went through with no problem, I know i will return time after time to purchase more software from here. I HIGHLY recomend this site to anyone who wants to save money on their software. Thanks so much!!
Syer | 14 aug 2006

I just wanted to say thanks for the great service, I wasn't sure about signing up at the start but since the billing is through a Secure 3rd party credit card processor just like all adult sites I thought it would be fine and it was. Got all 4 of my software orders downloaded within 24 hours of signing up and i'm a very happy camper, I'll be back for more software in the future. Btw another reason I choose to use your site was the professional look and feel of your site, it was obvious your site was not a scam with the work involved in building it.
Alex | 14 aug 2006

I'm so tired of trying to get hold of good warez. I have tried the voting shit, and I never get through to the software. I'm willing to pay for good warez, and Warez Store has proved to be a reliable source. I'm coming back soon.
Dobba, Norway | 14 aug 2006

I must to say that you have the best service. It's nice to have people as you. Sometimes we need to try a program, or we don't find it in our country, or it is really expensive, as all software in the market. With you we can get it in less than 24 hours, fast download, a safe way to pay and excellente service. We don?t need anything else... only people like you.
Jorge Z. | 14 aug 2006

Fantastic service, product as described, very happy customer!
Ron | 14 aug 2006

I would thoroughly recommend this service to anyone. I have downloaded 8 programs from this site (on two separate occasions), and after I put in my order it was confirmed within the hour. Payment is very secure, and carried out by another company. Again, I had the download instructions within the hour, and the new method of downloading (using an amended 'Get Right' downloader) was both fast and faultless. Due to my own error, I misunderstood some of the installation procedures, but the service gave me such efficient response when I asked them for help, I soon had all of my downloads installed. They get 'top marks' from me for customer service, honesty and efficiency.
Keithe | 14 aug 2006

The server was fine, most of the times the download was pretty fast for my 56k modem. About your services, I'm very satisfied really. If anybody can't believe you can't buy warez as if you bought on or something, that body is WRONG. There were some trouble about those files missing by mistake but the email assistance has been wonderful, really, thank you much. Not 5 stars, but almost.
Halc?n B. | 14 aug 2006

I just have to say that you have a wonderful service. I gone shopping in so many stores that my eyes have gone crazy.!!!! You have the best prices and the best service in town. And so so so many stores on every corner and every street in america today!! Keep up the good work men! America needs people like you.
John K. | 14 aug 2006

I the past I had to make my decisions based on trimmed evaluation versions - now I can evaluate the real products. Timely, professional service. Thanks guys at WarezStore.
M.D. | 14 aug 2006

I was excited when I found this site last week, and alittle skeptical. I placed my order for Norton SystemWorks and had an email in less than 24 hrs telling me where I can download the files. I had some technical problems getting the files to unzip so I emailed and had an answer in less than an hour!! Come to find out that I was the main tech problem. The tech support from Warezstore very helpfull and very patient. I have never had this kind of customer satisfaction form the large corporate companies. Great job Warezstore, I am telling all my friends.
Jason T. | 14 aug 2006

I am highly pleased with your service. It was extremely fast and efficient, and the service was excellent. The clever method of online payment provides for exceptionally high security for everyone, yet is so easy to use! Your response to my questions was also super-fast. I have spent hours and hours trying to download from ftp sites and months waiting for warez through the post. This is the only way to go!
Sincerely yours, LT | 14 aug 2006

My experience with warezstore has been satisfactory. I ordered a product, received two confirmations (of order and credit card processing) within an hour. They provide a link to check order status. Took about 24 hours to receive a confirmation that the product was available for downloading (in my case, an 80MB zipped file). I downloaded the entire file without interruption and clocked it at about 25KB / sec. Warezstore’s confirmation referenced the free GetRight product to resume a download in case of interruption. Unzipped the file and began the installation process, then asked for the product registration number. None had been provided via email. Checked the unzipped contents and found a ‘serial.txt’ file with the information. Entered it and successfully ran the program. Glad I checked before sending a complaint. Do I recommend warezstore? Yes, particularly when your ex-wife takes your original software.
Dave | 14 aug 2006

My experience with was a first of a kind. I was skeptic at first, but I took the first step and went ahead and made an order for InstallShield Pro. After I downloaded the program from their fast download server and installed it on my computer, I got hooked. I have since then ordered corel products, visual studio .net, and planning to order alot more as I get some more money.
anonymous | 14 aug 2006

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